Friday, June 3, 2011

Simulating Chains Using Reactor

In this tutorial will show you how to simulate chains' necklaces or pearls using an easy & very efficient method with reactor in 3ds Max. You will be able to simulate chains.
- Rectangle
(Just follow like video)
Corner radius
Enable in render & Viewport
Radial thickness 
Array' Preview' Copy' X move = -23' X Rotate = -90
Rectangle 1 editable poly & Attach multiple to all rectangle
- Line 1
Segment' Geometry & divide 40
Recator rope modifier' Constraint' Avoid selft-intersection
Select one Vertex & Vertex of the reactor rope then click Fix
Create object' Reactor collection
- Cylinder
Create object' Rigid body collection
- Rectangle 1
Skin modifier & add Line 1
- Preview & Create Animation.

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