Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3ds Max Interior Lighting by using Mental Ray

In this video we will show you how you can create a realistic interior lighting using Mental Ray rendering in 3ds Max 2012. We will achieve this effect by using daylight, mr sky portals and free light.
You need Create/Adding :
- Wall (Choose Snaps Toggle. In create tab, from dropdown menu change Standard Primitives to AEC Extended and choose Wall). Click on the first point one more time. When a message will appear click OK and then right click to finish adding wall. Disable Snaps Toggle.
- Some Casement window (From dropdown list  change AEC Extended to Windows).
- Sliding Door (From dropdown list  change Doors to Sliding).
- One Camera Target' two Plane one for the floor and one more for top of room.
- Material of Sliding door and casement window you can take from the materiallibraries foloder of Autodesk 3ds Max 2012. Floor material you can use Arch & Design of Material/Map Browser.
- Daylight system (Click and drag at the room and create a compass).
- Mental Ray (Change renderer for production to mental ray).
- Please setup "Environment and effects" like video.
- mr Sky Portal (To create more brighter room we need to create mr Sky portal).
- Free light with intensity 4000.
All setting please follow On the strength of Video tutorial.


  1. keren bro.....jadi pengen belajar lagi ne kayak dulu

    1. Ntar kapan andiperim maen keMedan/Wkt tepat Qt Short Course free lagi buat Guugle.. -_-v

  2. mantep bang, bermanfaat bgt buat nyubi kayak ane...

    sya jga pnya blog tentang tutorial 3ds max bang, mohon kerjasamanya... XD

    1. Gan joen dipage :


      Nanti kita share blog2nya kalian..
      thanks buat kerjasamanya buat anak2 Indonesia.. :))

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  4. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us and for this blog also.
    By Anaya,

  5. Hi,
    Nice article about 3ds Max Interior Lighting by using Mental Ray .
    By Anaya,


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