Saturday, June 4, 2011

Realistic Tennis Ball Tutorial

This video tutorial will to show you how to model a Realistic Tennis Ball in 3d studio Max. Actually you can use any version of 3ds Max for it' & I only to show you how to modeling in 3ds Max 2012.
- Box
Length' Width' Hight seg : 2
Spherify modifier
Collapse to & Editable poly
Vertex X : 60 & Z : 60
Selection edge & Ctrl+Click
Chamfer' Edge apply first then chamfer amount : 0,25
Meshmoot modifer' Spherify modifier
Collapse to editable poly
Selection edge & Ctrl+Click Including Polygon
Bevel modifier' local normal' height : -0,5 & Height : -0,25
- Material
Difuse White & assign to selection
Difuse (follow like video)' Bump 100 click none & hit Noise' fractal' size : 0,1 then Click edit select invet (Ctrl +I) & Assign to material selection.
- Back to box and Add Turbosmooth modifier.


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