Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3ds Max 2013 NVIDIA Iray Renderer

About Iray
iray is the world’s first interactive, photorealistic and physically correct rendering solution that leverages the parallel processing power of NVIDIA Quadro® and Tesla™ graphics processing units (GPUs).

Availability of iray
iray is integrated into leading CAD and Digital Content Creation software applications which are Autodesk 3ds Max, Dassault Systemes CATIA V6 and Bunkspeed SHOT, Move and Pro. In addition, iray is available as a rendering mode of mental ray and as an API for software application developers.  

Changes to iray
The iray GPU-accelerated preview renderer has also been updated. The Autodesk documentation describes iray 2.0, which adds native core support for BSDF layering among a number of other performance-enhancing features, as a “major update”. iray 2.0 was previously implemented in Service Pack 2 for 3ds Max 2012, although user reports were mixed, as indicated by this thread on the Nvidia Advanced Rendering forum, and this one on the AREA. There’s no indication as to which of the features of mental ray 3.10 will be exposed in which of the individual 2013 releases of Autodesk’s software: the developer previously announced that mental ray will be made a ‘true’ plugin for Maya, which should presumably increase the number of features exposed there, but this thread on the Nvidia site suggests that Ptex will not be supported through a GUI in 3ds Max 2013.

ActiveShade Interactive iray Rendering
Experience an interactive creative process for finalizing renderings, with new ActiveShade support for the NVIDIA iray renderer. ActiveShade enables artists to iterate more effectively by providing an interactive rendering session that constantly updates as changes are made to cameras, lighting, materials, and geometry. By shortening the feedback loop, artists can more efficiently fine-tune their scene, making it faster and easier to achieve their intended look.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3ds Max Interior Lighting by using Mental Ray

In this video we will show you how you can create a realistic interior lighting using Mental Ray rendering in 3ds Max 2012. We will achieve this effect by using daylight, mr sky portals and free light.
You need Create/Adding :
- Wall (Choose Snaps Toggle. In create tab, from dropdown menu change Standard Primitives to AEC Extended and choose Wall). Click on the first point one more time. When a message will appear click OK and then right click to finish adding wall. Disable Snaps Toggle.
- Some Casement window (From dropdown list  change AEC Extended to Windows).
- Sliding Door (From dropdown list  change Doors to Sliding).
- One Camera Target' two Plane one for the floor and one more for top of room.
- Material of Sliding door and casement window you can take from the materiallibraries foloder of Autodesk 3ds Max 2012. Floor material you can use Arch & Design of Material/Map Browser.
- Daylight system (Click and drag at the room and create a compass).
- Mental Ray (Change renderer for production to mental ray).
- Please setup "Environment and effects" like video.
- mr Sky Portal (To create more brighter room we need to create mr Sky portal).
- Free light with intensity 4000.
All setting please follow On the strength of Video tutorial.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Making realistic grass using Material in 3ds Max Vray render

Here is a simple video tutorial on how to Making realistic grass using Material in 3ds Max V-Ray Render.
- Create a plane that will lately become the grass.
- VrayPhysicalCamera.
f-number = 10 & Click Guess Vert
vignetting = 1,5 & Click custom balance change become white color' white balance = Custom' shutter speed (s^-1 = 120.
- Create a torus knot.
- V-Ray Render Setup.
Image Sampler = Adaptive DMC' Antaliasing filter = Catmull-Rom.
V-Ray Environment (GI Environment chance become white color).
V-Ray Indirect Ilumination GI (Click On).
V-Ray Irradiance Map (Current preset = Very Low & Click Show Calc. phase).
- Daylight Systems.
Change the highlighted drop downs to use a "Vraysun" & No Skylight.
Adjust the daylight systems by manual.
- Back to plane & Add Modifiers.
UVW Map (Mapping Face).
V-Ray Displacement Mod' Under "parameters" Check 2D mapping then Click none below Texturmap button (Apply whatever tilebale texture on the diffuse chanel).
Material Editor (VRayMtl)' Under Maps click None diffuse button' bitmap & Select a displacement map for your grass.
This's It :))

Create a simple Headphone in 3ds Max

In this video tutorial I will to show you how to create a simple headphone & you will create this 3d Model from Sphere' ChamferCyl' Box' Rectangle & some added modifier like bend modifier & taper modifier.
- Sphere
Radius = 30
Segments = 32
Hemisphere = 0,5
- ChamferCyl 1
Radius = 3
Height = -1,0
Fillet = 3
Fillet Segs = 8
Sides = 24
- ChamferCyl 2
Radius = 29
Height = -0,8
- ChamferCyl 3
Radius = 30
Height = -12
Fillet = 1
Cap Segs = 2
Editable Poly & Select Polygon' Ignore backspacing (CTRL+Click Circle)' Extrude = -2
- Box 1
Lenght = 15
Width = 20
Height = 1
Editable poly' Vertex & Scale it (Right Click) = 75
- Rectangle
Go to Rendering & Check Enable In Renderer & Enable In Viewport
Radial & thickness = 0,5
-Box 2
Lenght = 300
Width = 45
Height = 2
Add Bend Modifier with Angle = 210 & Direction = -90' Bend Axis = Y
Add Taper Modifier with Amount = 0,8' Taper Axis Primary z axis and Effect X Axis.
You are done it the result output as picture below..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Biped Walking up the Spiral Stair

This video tutorial will to show how to create biped walking up the spiral stairs animation using 3ds Max.
- Standard primitives' Stairs & i am using Spiral Stair.
- Biped (Choose Gender)
Motion' Footstep Mode
Create multiple footsteps' Number of footsteps = 10
Move up one by one of footsteps' just follow like video.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vray Tutorial for Exterior Lighting Rendering

In this video tutorial you will learn how to lighting & rendering an exterior scene with V-Ray in 3ds Max 2012.
- Open your Project File
- VrayPhysicalCamera
- Render Setup (f10) Choose Vray Render
- Daylight Systems
Change the highlighted drop downs to use a "Vraysun" & No Skylight.
Time Setup' Change as you want.
Get Location' You can select a location somewhere on the earth & the daylight system will automatically adjust the sun to behave like on that location.
- VrayPhysicalCamera
f-number = 10 & Click Guess Vert
vignetting = 1,5 & Click custom balance change become white color' white balance = Custom' shutter speed (s^-1 = 120.
- V-Ray Setup
Image Sampler' Antaliasing filter = Catmull-Rom
V-Ray Environment (GI Environment chance become white color).
V-Ray Indirect Ilumination GI (Click On).
V-Ray Irradiance Map (Current preset = Medium & Click = Show Calc. phase).
- You can adjust the daylight systems by manual.
- Hit Render (f9)' And you are done..

Friday, March 9, 2012

3ds Max Off-Road Tire Tutorials [Only one part]

Here i will show you how to make a model a simple off-road tire in 3ds Max. This concept can be used for any other type of tire.
- Plane
Length : 80
Width : 120
Convert the plane to Editable poly (then follow the video)
Mirror (Mirror axis Y & Copy)
Select one of plane then attach
Editable polygon' Select then Extrude height : 20
Editable edge' Ignore backfacing' Ctrl+Click' Chamfer
Editable edge' Select the sides of plane then move down them
Select plane Click shift & move up' Copy : 20
Select one of plane then attach all of the planes
Select vertex of the middle every plane then Click Weld
Click Hieararchy then change the axis to center the Object
- Modifier bend 1
Angle : 74 & bend axis X
- Modifier bend 2
Angle : 360' Direction : 270 & bend axis Y
Editable poly
Editable edge' Click Use selection center' Select & Uniform scale' Shift+Scale them.
Editable polygon' Ignore backfacing' Ctrl+click (like video) do the the same way on right of tire.
Editable edge' Click Use selection center' Select & Uniform scale' Move (like video)
Editable edge' Extrude' & Click Bridge
Editable polygon then Detach.
Apply the material to an object of your choise, set the lighting in the scene and hit the render button f9.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Modeling a Modern Lamp in 3ds Max

In this video tutorial i will show you how to model a modern lamp in 3d studio max. 
As seen in the image below.
- Box
Length : 100' Width : 200' Height : 20 then Editable poly (follow the video for the next step)
Bevel' heigh : 20' Outline : -2
- Rectangle 1 Lenght : 75 & Width :175
- Rectangle 2 Lenght : 65 & Width :165
(Editable spline one of them then attach)
Extrude' Amount : 10
- Create 2 Lines
- Rectangles' Lenght & Width : 15
Editable poly then copy
Editable poly' Extrude along spline & Pick Lines (With Segments : 20)
- Select Line 1 & 2 then delete
- Box' Lenght : 10' Width : 10 & Height : 80
Press Shift & Move up Copy : 2
- Box
- Box' Lenght : 40' Width : 40 & Height : 50 then Editable poly
Select bottom Vertex of the box & right click on scale uniform button' Scale transform type in 60 %.
(Just follow like video)
Editable poly & Delete the selected faces
Editable poly' Insert by polygon height : -3
Editable poly' Extrude by polygon height : -3
- Modifier Shel

Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Grass in 3ds Max Vray

This video tutorial will to teach you how to creating simple grass in 3ds Max 11 with Vray Render.
- Box
Editable Poly' Polygon' Detach
- Hair and Fur Modifier
Hair Count : 70000' Scale : 40
Material Parameters' Change color of the grass (Tip color & root color)
- Vray Render
Vray image sampler (Mitchel)' GI Environment
Indirect ilumination' On GI Caustic
- Plane
- Material Editor
VrayMtl (follow it)
& Hit Render f9

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Create a Classic Hardoy Chair [Editable splinE]

Create a simple Classic Chair in 3ds Max (Editable Spline). The curved surface of the chair on two levels by using 2 Modifier bend.
- Rectangle
Length 200 Width 100 Corner Radius 25
Editable Spline' Divide' Vetex Move to -15 & 15
- Extrude modifier
Amount 1
- Quadify mesh
Quad Size 4 %
- Bend modifier
Angle -45
Bend axis X
- Bend 
Angle 90' Direction 90
Bend axis Y
Limit effect (Upper 10 & Lower -10)
- Turbo smooth modifier
- Line (Enable in render)
Radial 3' Copy Move & Edit Again.

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