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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hot Fire Emiter in 3DS Max

Many ways how to make Hot fire emiter in 3d software' like example one of them is by Phoenix Plugin. In this tutorial we will show you how to make Hot fire emiter by using particles effect in 3ds Max.
- Torus
Radius 1 : 110
Radius 2 : 30
- Particle Systems Parray
Basic Paramaters :
Pick Object Clynder' View Display Ticks' Percentage of Particles 100
Particle Generation :
Speed 10
Particle Timing Emit Stop 100' Particle Size Size 50' Variation 10' Fade For 15
Particle Type' Facing
- Forces' Wind
- Material Editor
Face Map
Glossines 0
Self Illumination 100
Extended Primitives Type : Additive
Maps :
Gradient - Gradient
Gradient Parameters
 Color 1 RGB 255'0'0
 Color 2 RGB 255'170'0
 Color 3 RGB 255'255'0
Gradient type Linear' Noise Amount 1 Size 10' Fractal
Opacity - Mask
Map Gradient
Noise Amount 1 Size 10' Gradient type Radial' Linear & Fractal.
Gradient type Radial' Noise & Regular.
- Click Parray & Assign to Material

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